Mold Inspection

Mold Investigation. We perform professional and objective fungal assessment only.. We provides fungal assessment’s lab result and recommendation .. We are not a mold treatment company. What is Mold? Molds are a naturally occurring part of ourenvironment. They play a pivotal role inthe outdoor environment breaking down dead organic materials and keeping theenvironment healthy and productive. Thereare countless types of molds in our natural environment. However, in an indoor environment, thepresence of molds may cause unhealthy conditions for inhabitants as reproduces by creating microscopicspores that can become airborne and enter our bodies through inhalation oringestion, causing health problems. Is Mold Toxic? Toxic molds or fungal spores, such as stachybotrys,chaetomium, aspergillus/penicillium, can cause indoor air quality problemsleading to allergies and sickness. many times these problems are a result ofairborne mycotoxins and mold spores. Studies have shown that airborne fungal spores have had an effect in increasing allergic and asthmatic symptoms to exposed humans. Why Sample for Mold? The goal of biological sampling is to help determine whetherthe biological particles present in a particular environment are affecting orcausing health problems to certain individuals. While we are surrounded by a wide varietyof different microorganisms every day, sampling provides a scientific method toestablish whether the environment in question contains more organisms thanwould normally be present. The most common sampling fungal concentrations in an environment is air sampling, which involves assessing the particulates found in anindoor environment while taken outdoors to establish a baseline or normal level of mold. This baseline sample will be compared to the samples taken indoors. If indoor levels and types of molds are less than outdoor levels, then the indoor levels are generally considered “within an acceptable margin or safe”. A professionally conducted mold investigationprovides an objective indoor air quality assessment report. The report comesdirectly from the lab; it includes the type of molds, the levels, the normallevels, the glossary of mold, and the probable exposure symptoms. This reportis a legal document and is attached to a chain of custody from a certified moldprofessional. ” We had little time remaining to complete a home inspection before expiration of contingency period. We looked on-line, liked Legacy property inspection excellent reviews and were able to make an inspection appointment on the next day. When we showed up at the property, the inspector, Haitham, was already there at the property. He gave me an overview of the process as well as a detailed inspection work agreement for our review. Then the home inspector, Haitham, started a very detailed process of inspecting the entire house.. Once done, he spend time to give us a thorough review of the property condition. The inspector was very forth coming, detailed, professional and very pleasant. He emailed to us a professional inspection report checklist on the next day. To us, legacy property inspection is a great house Inspection firm and we are happy to refer this home inspection firm to others“. – John & Tammie L. Buyers.. West Hills.