Unknown Danger

The Great Unknown Danger About Unsafe Pool Drains

Pools and spas are designed for fun, however, Drowning is second only to car crashes as the leading cause of unintentionaldeath among children and adults.  However, The dangers in and around pools go beyond the obvious, such as unsuspecting swimmers being entrapped by drains.  Especially if pools’ drains are improperly maintained, or havefaulty covers. Hair, jewelry or limbs can get tangled in the drain, or bodyparts suctioned to it. The force of suction – hundreds of pounds per squareinch – is so powerful that the strongest adults can’t free the victim. Evengood swimmers can drown or suffer catastrophic injuries. What are some of the ways to prevent pool’s accident?
  • Make sure that the drain cover is in good condition with no broke gridsto the cover and make sure all the cover screws are in place and tight.
  • Install the drain cover is a anti-vortex type cover, which is designed to distribute the intake water in the sides aswell as the top to lessen the pressure at any one given area in the cover. Beloware pictures of examples of an older drain cover and a newer anti-vortex type cover.
ADDITIONAL STEPS TO SAFERPOOLS. 1. Avoid dangerous drains watch for non-compliant, loose,missing or broken drain covers. If you spot one, don’t enter the pool or spaand notify the owner/operator immediately.  Before swimming, tie up long hair securely orwear a swim cap to help prevent entanglement. Warn children to stay away fromdrains and other openings to avoid entrapment. 2. Teach swimming & lifesaving skills Knowing how toswim well is essential.  Make sure yourchildren can swim, float, tread water and get in and out of the pool safely.Take classes in First Aid and CPR (for infants, children and adults) and have anemergency plan. 3. Install barriers as every pool needs an isolation fence surroundingit on all sides – four to five feet high. Gates should be self-latching andlocking.  Keep spas and hot tubs coveredand locked when not in use. 4. Be vigilant and make sure an adult is watching children inthe pool or spa at all times. Don’t assume kids are OK just because they canswim. Use the Water Watchdog system to divide supervision responsibilities.Encourage children to exercise good water judgment and follow pool rules. Courtesy of Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation